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“Angel Beats!” vol.7, the first impression of the extra episode and another epilogue

Finally the final volume of “Angel Beats!“’s BD/DVD that includes the extra episode(episode 14) and another epilogue has been released. The extra episode is a comedy episode. Another episode seems have a bad reputation.

(“Moeota News Sokuhou” arranges comments of 2ch thread to summery. I pick up interesting comments of them and translate them, arranging them to understandable to foreigner. But it may be not correct translation.)
(the image of 35’s comment)

T, These are the admirable double rockets and the chopping board. 41
I think Yui had smaller breast than it.

Hisako Rocket!


Hisako’s existence in itself is erotic.

That Hisako has such big breast wasn’t featured in the TV anime, was it?

Yui-nyan massaged her breast herself also in the TV series.


I’ve finished watching the extra episode.

They were hyper extremely in it. lololol


Why wasn’t this extra episode inserted into the TV series?

The extra episode is of better quality than the TV series!

(the image of 65’s comment)

This cut is just out of this world.
The extra episode is a lot of fun. Yusa-yusa is cute, Yusa-yusa.
I want to bring Yusa-chan who is dying from hunger to my house.
That Yusa was erotic somehow.
Well, this extra episode draws the story directly after Iwasawa disappeared, right?
But…it draws the more recent story? Because Naoi looks a good person.
Which is right?

Maeda who is a script writer of “Angel Beats!” said it is an episode between the episode 4 and 5.


This episode 14 smelled like “MM!”……


This extra episode is exciting.

Indeed, I feel the fun like “MM!”.


I’ve watched the episode 14 now.

Though Otonashi is annoying as usual I’ve burst out laughing.

Angel-chan is really an angel.


It was right that another epilogue wasn’t chosen as the epilogue of the TV series.


After I watched another epilogue I thought from bottom of my heart that it was right that this another epilogue wasn’t chosen as the epilogue of the TV series.

I’m for the opinion that Otonashi should passe away right now. He would be the worst person if he waited Kanade.

Because it means he wished Kanade’s unhappy life.


The TV series had the scene after Otonashi and Angel were reborn. We could think because of it that also he could pass away after Kanade had passed away.

If the final episode had lacked that scene, we would have felt gloomy.

Joint Work Project, the final work

(the image of 281’s comment)

Itaru’s illustration is good…
As expected, he drew the final work. lol

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