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Taiwanese Silverlight’s moe character Hikaru Aizawa is Xmas ver. now!! Her sisters has been put on view, too!

Taiwanese Microsoft Silverlight mengadopsi sebuah karakter moe yaitu Aizawa Hikaru sebagai official image character. Dan sekarang dia telah merubah kostumnya menjadi versi X-Mas. Dan saudara perempuannya hadir didalamnya.

 Dan sekarang the special wallpapers telah diluncurkan dalam Limited Edition

Then, this time a video that introduce silvelight and her has been put on view, too.

Sedangkan untuk saudara perempuannya kalian dapat melihat mereka disini.
Dan inilah mereka beserta beberapa komentar yang datang melalui twitter.

The 4th daughter Hikaru Aizawa


Her height and weight are identical as Hatsune Miku.

Blood type: B
Birthday: 27th September
Constellation: the Balance
Height: 158cm
Weight: 42kg
Hobby: singing a song, dancing and listening to music
Favorite food: sweet, barbecued beef and sweet adzuki soup with pieces of rice
Hated food: hot and spicy meal, Natto

The 3rd daughter Rei Aizawa


Long light-blue hair and blue ribbon on her head is her peculiarity.

She is lowest in the sister and has a lolita figure most.

Blood type: AB
Birthday: 10th July
Constellation: the Crab
Height: 150cm
Weight: 40kg
Hobby: making handicrafts, watching movies
Favorite food: strawberry cake, Xiaolongbao, Takoyaki
Hated food: spinach, bitter melon

the 2nd daughter Aoi Aizawa


Short black curly hair is her peculiarity.

Her hobby is swimming, and we get the impression that she is most lively and stylish in the sisters.

Blood type: O
Birthday: 12th November
Constellation: the Scorpion
Height: 160cm
Weight: 43kg
Hobby: swimming, photo
Favorite food: Okonomi Yaki, meat Zongzi, powdered green tea
Hated food: sweets, parsley

The eldest daughter Yuu Aizawa


Her brown hair is cut squarely across the forehead.

Judging from her hobbies and looks, she is guessed that she is calm and composed elder sister.

Note: she is double-dugged.

Blood type: A
Birthday: 30th April
Constellation: the Bull
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Hobby: reading books, writing a composition
Favorite food: fruits, beef noodle, fruits pie
Hated food: mushroom, long green onion



Wonderful! The character has become sisters.


The 4 sisters are very cute!!

But I think only of Hikaru-chan though!


Though Hikaru is good, the 2nd daughter is cute!!!!!!


The 2nd daughter is my type.


The 3rd daughter is cute.


The 3rd daughter is good. And the elder daughter has big breasts somehow.


The 3rd daughter is very cute. I hope their wallpapers, too.


I see. Leave the 3rd daughter who has the flatest chest in them though she isn’t youngest child in the care of me.


If I take a wife I choose Yuu-chan who is the eldest daughter.

Rei looks more childish than Hikaru.


It is about time that I have to prepare to move to Taiwan.


Wow, the 4 sisters has appeared. I didn’t know it. lolol

Does that they like meat food comes from flesh-eating girls which is recent in fashion in Japan? lol

It isn’t right, is it? lol

I hope they head straight as it stands now and will be made into the anime. lol

The character design is better not to be changed also at the anime. lol


We can watch the TV.



That her voice is different from Japanese anime’s voice is good, too.

She looks vigorous as her looks.

Hikaru-tan is cute also in voice.


If she appeared in Comic Market…


Her doujinshi is, of course, for men…






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