Senin, 27 Desember 2010

Taiwanese Silverlight’s Moe character Hikaru Aizawa has started a special game like Eroge!!

Taiwanese Micro Soft Silivelight adopts Moe characters as their image characters. This time a special project of Xmas has started!

This game that has started as the special project is in the style of Romance Adventure Game. So it is said in Japan it looks like Eroge. Let’s try the game like Eroge! In the game Hikaru’s sisters appears.

The story is like this:
You are a rookie who have just got a job. And you left your hometown and came from to this big city alone for working. You heard information of board and lodging and became to live in Hikaru’s house. Then you have got known Hikaru and Hikaru’s sisters. What kind of Xmas Day will you spend?
Player of this game chooses the choices and aims at Happy End with someone of them whom you like.

 3 choices appear at a time in the game. The the 1st choice from the top is basically a positive answer. The 2nd choice from the top is basically a negative answer. When characters whom you don’t aim at speak to you, you may be better to choose the 2nd choice. The 3rd choice from the top is basically a normal answer. But the condition to see Happy End can be not so simple. lol
If you success to go to Happy End, you can get a 2 shot with the character whom you like. If you are unsuccessful to go to Happy End, you would get a lonesome photo.

Hikaru’s Happy End

Before you start to play the game

First, you have to make your face in the game to play the game.

1: You choose a pic in your PC.
2: You adjust the size and the position of the pic to fit the character’s face.
3: After you decided your face you send the data and start the game!

Let’s start


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