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That place where NASA has found New Life and “Evangelion”!!

Above all, I want you to look at this photo. This is Mono Lake, in Central California where NASA found New Life the other day. Haven’t you already seen this place before?

The famous news website GIZMODE told the news that NASA found New Life in Mono Lake by means of the photo as follow.

But GIZMODE Japan told it by means of this photo as follow. Also this is a photo of Mono Lake.

Possibly who watched “EVANGELION” may have already become aware of something. It is a current topic in Japan.

Reaction to it on 2ch thread

(“JAM Guru” arranges comments of 2ch thread to summery. I pick up interesting comments of them and translate them, arranging them to understandable to foreigner. But it may be not so correct translation.)
(the image of 1’s comment)

1(This comment and the image above this comment are the same comment)
The place where NASA found New Life seems look almost exactly like a scene of an anime.
Gizmode Japan: It has come! New Life “GFAJ-1″ that NASA has announced today.

※the pic of the place

@KenjiItose I’ve placed them side by side. I cannot help guessing that GIZMODE Japan intends that one.
※the pic for the comparison

Is that ”Macross”?


That is ”GUNDAM”, isn’t it?


No, that is ”Space Battleship Yamato”…this is why I cannot trust you, young men…


No, that is “Fang of the Sun Dougram”,isn’t that? Don’t you, would-be anime fans, understand it?

No, that is “Giant Robot”.

Now the location for making for “Eva”’s live-action film has been fixed.


Oh, is that “Devilman”?

That is the icon of Windows XP’s .jpeg file.

No, That is “Gintama”, right?


No! That is “Evangelion”, to all appearance.


Well, what is the title of that anime? Isn’t that Jehovah?


↑ That is “Eva”! “Eva”!

“Neon Genesis Evangelion”!


After I read this thread, I’ve thought I don’t want to be a man like @84.



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