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2011 Spring anime “A Channel” has started to stream the trailer!!

Anime “A Channel” that will start from April 2011 has put the first trailer on view! The trailer seems have got a high reputation immediately.

The trailer in the official website
“A Channel”’s original is a manga drawn by Kuroda bb.

The main casts have already been disclosed.
Kaori Fukuhara(Tsukasa Hiiragi of “Lucky Star”)
Aoi Yuuki(Victorique of “GOSICK”, Madoka Shikame of “Magical Girl Madoka☆Magica”)
Minako Kotobuki(Tsumugi Kotobuki of “K-on!”)
Yumi Uchiyama

(“Yaraon” arranges comments of 2ch thread to summery. I pick up interesting comments of them and translate them, arranging them to understandable to foreigner. But it may be not correct translation.)

“A Channel” has put the trailer on view.



“A Channel” looks pretty good.


Will it be “Lucky Star”?

Both “GOSICK” and “A Channel” adopts Aoi Yuuki. She is remarkably active recently.
But I hope “A Channel” not to be only “Lucky Star”’s imitation.

Moe’s pigs would crowd together “A Channel”.

“Nichijou” will be driven into a corner.


There is Yuki Nagato in the trailer.

Even her way of speaking sounds like Yuki. lol

Kyoto Animation’s fans will criticize “A Channel”.

The producing staffs are same as “Saki”, and the original manga “A Channel” is sold more than “Saki”.
So “A Channel” must be going to be a hit.


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