Senin, 28 Februari 2011

New Pokémon Manga And Fullmetal Alchemist Author’s New Series Coming Soon

Fullmetal Alchemist author, Hiromu Arakawa, will be debuting a new series in 2011’s 19th issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in Japan, report Anime News Network.

Arakawa ended Fullmetal Alchemist last June, although, she did draw a related side story more recently in September. The name of her new series has not been revealed yet.

Meanwhile, the new Pokémon manga, reported to be aimed at a slightly older audience, will launch in the 15th issue of Shounen Sunday. Titled Pokémon RéBURST, this series is set to debut on March 9th.

Also debuting in Shounen Sunday in the near future is a new boxing manga by the author of baseball series, Major, which concluded last July. Takuya Mitsuda’s boxing series, titled Buyuden (pictured above), will make its first appearance in the magazine’s 16th issue on March 16th.

Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

YAMAHA : Design their next vocaloid

Back in 2003, Yamaha funded the development of the Vocaloid singing software, which effectively gives them ownership of the Vocaloid brand, despite the fact that the Vocaloid characters themselves have been developed by a range of other organizations and individuals over the years.
This year, Yamaha are giving Vocaloid fans a chance to design their own Vocaloids, too.
While Yamaha have created their own Vocaloid characters in the past, the upcoming Vocaloid Festa doujin event will host an “Everyone’s Vocaloid Project” contest where people will be able to submit their ideas for Vocaloid characters. The winning entry will be developed into and sold as official Vocaloid software.
Entries can be submitted from Feb 25th through April 24th, and require a character sketch along with a description and a nickname. The online application form will go up on the Vocaloid Festa website, and people of any nationality are free to enter the contest.
How to apply:
1. Design your Vocaloid on a 14.8cm x 10cm paper
2. Design character within restrictions stated on official site
3. Basic idea of rules (use Google Translate for the gist of it):
– Make sure it’s your own work
– If there’s another party involved, you’re the one handling the copyrights and negotiating with them
– You can’t withdraw an application
4. Include following personal info: Name, address, phone, email, job/university/school name, sex, birth date, age
5. Include your Vocaloid’s info: Simple description of the character, character’s nickname, and the meaning of their nickname
6. You can either mail your entry to Japan or post your design on Pixiv with the following tag: ボカロ計画
– Details on Pixiv’s site aren’t up yet
7. Mail address (include 50 yen stamp):
神田郵便局留め「VOCALOID FESTA」みんなのボカロ計画係
8. Results will be announced on May 29th, 2011

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Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 announced, coming to 360 and PS3

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. During a Square Enix 1st Production Department event in Japan, producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed the direct sequel to last year's Final Fantasy XIII, which is to be directed by Motomu Toriyama.

Though we hope the "-2" in the title signifies the subtraction of Hope and Vanille, the logo highlights the addition of a new character alongside XIII's prickly leading lady, Lightning. According to a translation by RPG Site, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to launch in 2011, though it's unclear if that pertains to Japan only.

Update: The English version will launch "next Winter."

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JR Yamanote line is all in ONE PIECE.

The organization of Yamanote line was dyed to the dress on February 17.

The name also”Gomunote line”
The inside hanging advertisement and monitors in the train are all ONE PIES.
Also as for the body, the wrapping is done.
Please enjoy observing manners strictly about the fan.

Sumber:山手線がONE PIECEまみれ!「ゴムの手線」運行開始。

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Anime One has taken a vote on TOP10 of Winter season’s anime songs!! ClariS has come to the 1st place!

Anime One(a popular website which streams anime) has announced the result of the vote on which anime song is the most popular in this Winter season!

The result on Anime One

1. Connect / ClariS

“Puella Magi Madoka Magica”’s OP

 Full ver

2. Immoralist / Yui Horie

“Dragon Crisis!”’s OP

full ver.

3. Daydream Syndrome / Marina Fujiwara

“Yumekui Merry”’s OP
TVアニメ「夢喰いメリー」オープニングテーマ Daydream Syndrome

full ver.

4. Yume to Kibou to Ashita no Atashi / Merry Nightmare (Ayane Sakura)

“Yumekui Merry”’s ED
TVアニメ「夢喰いメリー」エンディングテーマ  ユメとキボーとアシタのアタシ

full ver.

5. Ma Ka Se Te Tonight / Iori Nomizu

“Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?’s OP
魔・カ・セ・テ Tonight

full ver.

6. Taste of Paradise / Nao Takanashi (Eri Kitamura)

“Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!”’s OP
Taste of Paradise

full ver.

7. Magia / Kalafina

“Puella Magi Madoka Magica”’s ED

full ver.

8. STRAIGHT JET / Minami Kuribayashi

“IS”’s OP

full ver.

9. Wagana wa Shougakusei / Futaba(Satomi Akesaka), Hitoha(Haruka Tomatsu), Mitsuba(Ayahi Takagaki)

“Mitsudomoe”’s OP

full ver.

10. Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi wa Classmate Desu / Rie Yamaguchi and manzo

“Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?”’s ED

full ver.
according to people on 2ch thread, this result is proper, considering the sales of the CDs. But “Yumekui Merry” has put up a good fight.

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Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

"Ikoku Meiro no Croisée" footage Promotional Video

Promotional video for the upcoming "Ikoku Meiro no Croisée" anime series.

Synopsis: The story takes place in the second half of the 19th century, as Japanese culture gains popularity in the West. A young Japanese girl, Yune, accompanies a French traveller, Oscar, on his journey back to France, and offers to help at the family's ironwork shop in Paris. Oscar's nephew and shopowner Claude reluctantly accepts to take care of Yune, and we learn how those two, who have so little in common, get to understand each other and live together in the Paris of the 1800s.


Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Dragon Crisis! Music Collection

Vintage : 2011
Artists : Yui Horie
Album Title : Immoralist
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Scans : Yes
Size : 60 MB
Tracklist :
1. Immoralist
2. True Truly love
4. Immoralist (Instrumental)
5. True Truly Love (Instrumental)
6. HOLIDAY (Instrumental)

Download here

Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Second Fairy Tail OAD Has been Announced

The official website of Fairy Tail manga and anime series has announced that the 27th collected volume of Fairy Tail manga will be released on June 17 which will be bundled together with the series’ second OAD which will be 25 minute long titled “”Yousei Gakuen Yankee-kun to Yankee-chan” episode which will adapt original manga side-story.

Source: Anime News Network

Fairy Tail OP 6 & ED 6

Opening 6

Vintage : 2011
Artists : +Plus
Album Title : Fiesta
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Scans : No
Size : 27 MB
Tracklist :
1. Fiesta
2. Yell
3. Birth
Ending 6

Vintage : 2011
Artists : w-inds
Album Title : Be As One
Bitrate : 192 kbps
Scans : No
Size : 20 MB
Tracklist :
1. Be As One
2. Let’s get it on
3. Noise
4. To My Fans



Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Level E OP – Cold Finger Girl

Vintage : 2011
Artists : Chiaki Kuriyama
Album Title : Cold Finger Girl
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Scans : Yes
Size : 21 MB
Tracklist :
1. Cold Finger Girl
2. Getsumen Nanchakuriku

Download here

Hakuouki OVA's Announced

The official homepage for the Hakuouki anime has announced that there will be 5 Ova series spin-off from last year’s Hakuoki Hekketsu-roku television series. Series should premiere this Summer.

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Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Toy Fair 2011: Robot Damashii (Side MS) Wing Gundam Zero Custom new images

Toy Fair 2011: Robot Damashii (Side MS) Wing Gundam Zero Custom new images

Robot Damashii (Side MS) Wing Gundam Zero Custom @ Toy Fair 2011 New York
Release date: June 2011 - Price: TBA
The Robot Spirits series
Manufacturer: Bandai


Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

Katte ni Kaizou to be an OVA

It has been revealed that Katte ni Kaizou manga will be a 3-part OVA of which part one will be released on April 27th; part two in June; and the third in August. Each part will have 2 episodes and will make 6 ova's in total. Animation production by SHAFT.


Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Music Collection


Vintage : 2011
Artists : Iori Nomizu
Album Title : Ma・Ka・Se・Te Tonight
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Scans : Yes
Size : 42 MB
Tracklist :
1. Ma・Ka・Se・Te Tonight
2. Tel mo Mail mo
3. Ma・Ka・Se・Te Tonight (Instrumental)
4. Tel mo Mail mo (Instrumental)

Download here


Vintage : 2011
Artists : Rie Yamaguchi with manzo
Album Title : Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi wa Classmate Desu
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Scans : Yes
Size : 98 MB
Tracklist :
1. Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi wa Classmate Desu
2. Kimi ga Kureta Ame
3. Sotsugyou
4. Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi wa Classmate Desu (Instrumental)
5. Kimi ga Kureta Ame (Instrumental)
6. Sotsugyou (Instrumental)

Download here

Ro-Kyu-Bu! Animes Announced.

ASCII Media Works has also announced an anime adaptation for the Ro-Kyu-Bu! sports comedy light novel series in which a high school boy coaches an elementary school’s basketball team that has five girl players.


Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchu! OP & ED

Vintage : 2011
Artists : Ayahi Takagaki, Akesaka Satomi, Haruka Tomatsu & Hiro Shimono
Album Title : Waga Na wa Shougakusei
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Scans : Yes
Size : 43 MB
Tracklist :
1. Waga Na wa Shougakusei
2. Waga Na wa Cherry Boy
3. Waga Na wa Shougakusei (Instrumental)
4. Waga Na wa Cherry Boy (Instrumental)

Download here


Vintage : 2011
Artists : Nomiko
Album Title : Randoseling☆
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Scans : Yes
Size : 50 MB
Tracklist :
1. Randoseling☆
2. Paranormaling
3. Randoseling☆ (Instrumental)
4. Paranormaling (Instrumental)

Download here


Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

Kami-sama no Memo-cho Announced.

Publisher ASCII Media Works has announced an anime adaptation of Kami-sama no Memo-cho (God’s Notebook) mystery light novel series.


Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

K-ON! Manga back in Spring.

According to Manga Time Kirara magazine, K-ON! manga series will come back this upcoming spring season. More information to be reveled in next issue.

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Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Alice Nine - GEMINI

1. I.
3. Stargazer:
4. 4U
5. 蜃気楼
7. Entr’acte
8. 閃光
9. 風凛
10. GEMINI-0-eternal
11. GEMINI-I-the void
12. GEMINI-II-the luv
13. birth in the death
14. Overture (Bonus Track SE)
Download here
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Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

SCANDAL - Pride [Single] & Cute Pv


1. Pride
2. CUTE!
3. Emotion
4. Pride (Instrumental)

Download here
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Scandal Cute PV

Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Sket Dance Promotional Video.

Promotional Video for the Upcoming spring anime "Sket Dance".

Synopsis: The manga focuses on the misadventures of the "Campus Support Group" or "Sket-Dan", of Kaimei Gakuen, a club devoted to solving any and all problems brought to it by the staff or student body for the general improvement of campus life. Due to its general lack of meaningful assignments and unglamorous 'group of handymen' reputation the organization is treated with widespread contempt and it is composed of only three members.


Senin, 07 Februari 2011

"Moshidora" Promotional Video

Promotional Video for the upcoming spring anime "Moshidora".

Synopsis: A high school girl mistakenly reads Drucker's Management and she leads a baseball club to victory according to the lessons in the book.


Minggu, 06 Februari 2011

Ao no Exorcist Second Promotional Video

Second promotional video for the upcoming "Ao no Exorcist" Tv anime series.

Synopsis: This world consists of two dimensions joined as one, like a mirror. The first is the world in which the humans live, Assiah. The other is the world of demons, Gehenna. Ordinarily, travel between the two, and indeed any kind of contact between the two, is impossible. However the demons can pass over into this world by possessing anything that exist within it. Satan the god of demons, but there's one thing that he doesn't have, and that's a substance in the human world that is powerful enough to contain him!! For that purpose he created Rin, his son from a human woman, but will his son agree to his plans? Or will he become something else...? An exorcist?


Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Comiket, Event Schedule for Otaku


Official website
Genre: Anime, Manga, Doujin, Corporate Dealers, Figure, VOCALOID, Toho Project, Cosplay, Game
Scale: ☆☆☆☆☆
Date: Aug. 12th, 13th, 14th / Dec. 29th, 30th, 31th

Place: Tokyo International Exhibition Center (The Tokyo Big Sight)

View Larger Map
Comiket is the absolutely largest festival for Otaku. This festival is held very year twice, Summer Comiket and Winter Comiket. About 500 thousands people take part in it. The hall is roughly divided into Doujin Manga area and Corporate Dealers area. In Doujin Manga area various fan arts manga of anime, game or manga which was created by corporations and the original doujin works which isn’t related with the official works created by corporations are sold. Sometimes famous manga’s authors, famous illustrators of light novel and game, famous character designers and illustrators of anime and so on take part in Comiket as Doujin circles. They are those who are playing now an active part in the present anime, manga and game’s industry. In Corporate Dealers area many corporations from the genres of Anime, comic, game(both of ordinary game and eroge), radio, music rabel, figure makers and various hobbies makers take part in Comiket as dealer. They sell goods(poster, calender, towel, figure, CD, traiding card, mug, illustrations collection and so on) related with their official works or characters. And the newest trailers of the next season’s anime are put on view through the screens in the Corporate Dealer area. Of cause, many Cosplayers come to this festival, too. And many photographers(general participants) take the photos. But please don’t forget to get cosplayers’ approval when you take the photos. For example “Excuse me. Can I take your photo?” or “Hallo, photo OK?”. Usual Japanese can understand easy English. Quite a few Cosplayers have their card on which their Cos-name, their blog URL and so on are written. They introduce their photo which was taken at other Cosplay events in their blog. If you became a fan of a Cosplayer, it may be good to ask the card to the cosplayer. The card is called “Meishi” in Japanese. In recent years cosplayers from oversea is increasin. Before Comiket is opened at 10 o’clock, very many people have already stood very long lines. So even if you come to the hall at the opening time(10 o’clock) you cannot enter the hall immediately. From about 12 o’clock the long lines to enter the hall dissoloves. If you don’t want to wait to enter the hall for hours you are better to come after 12 o’clock. Though Otakus of Japanese Otakus come 5 a.m…. Besides, they stand in long lines of popular doujin circles to buy their favorite doujinshi also in the hall. At the closing time you can see many Otakus who have bags on which Moe characters are drawn at the station near the Tokyo Big Sight. You may have already watched the sight in Anime “Oreimo”, “Lucky Star”, “Genshiken” and so on. They draw this festival very well. One of the features characteristic of Comiket is the season. August is the hottest season in Japanese Summer(over 35℃). So every year some Otakus are took to the hospital in an ambulance because of affected by the heat. December is the clodest season in Japanese Winter(under 0℃). It is almost an asceticism to stand in long lines to enter the hall from 5 o’clock to 10 o’clock for 5 hours in the open air. It isn’t rare to go to Akiba to sell Dojinshi that they bought too much or to buy Doujinshi that they couldn’t buy in the hall directly after Comicket because Akiba is not so far from the Tokyo Big Sight. This is Comiket. Please try to take part in it once. I promise you to be able to enjoy this festival if you are a fan of anime, manga or Moe culture!
How to take part in: Anyone

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