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Comiket, Event Schedule for Otaku


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Genre: Anime, Manga, Doujin, Corporate Dealers, Figure, VOCALOID, Toho Project, Cosplay, Game
Scale: ☆☆☆☆☆
Date: Aug. 12th, 13th, 14th / Dec. 29th, 30th, 31th

Place: Tokyo International Exhibition Center (The Tokyo Big Sight)

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Comiket is the absolutely largest festival for Otaku. This festival is held very year twice, Summer Comiket and Winter Comiket. About 500 thousands people take part in it. The hall is roughly divided into Doujin Manga area and Corporate Dealers area. In Doujin Manga area various fan arts manga of anime, game or manga which was created by corporations and the original doujin works which isn’t related with the official works created by corporations are sold. Sometimes famous manga’s authors, famous illustrators of light novel and game, famous character designers and illustrators of anime and so on take part in Comiket as Doujin circles. They are those who are playing now an active part in the present anime, manga and game’s industry. In Corporate Dealers area many corporations from the genres of Anime, comic, game(both of ordinary game and eroge), radio, music rabel, figure makers and various hobbies makers take part in Comiket as dealer. They sell goods(poster, calender, towel, figure, CD, traiding card, mug, illustrations collection and so on) related with their official works or characters. And the newest trailers of the next season’s anime are put on view through the screens in the Corporate Dealer area. Of cause, many Cosplayers come to this festival, too. And many photographers(general participants) take the photos. But please don’t forget to get cosplayers’ approval when you take the photos. For example “Excuse me. Can I take your photo?” or “Hallo, photo OK?”. Usual Japanese can understand easy English. Quite a few Cosplayers have their card on which their Cos-name, their blog URL and so on are written. They introduce their photo which was taken at other Cosplay events in their blog. If you became a fan of a Cosplayer, it may be good to ask the card to the cosplayer. The card is called “Meishi” in Japanese. In recent years cosplayers from oversea is increasin. Before Comiket is opened at 10 o’clock, very many people have already stood very long lines. So even if you come to the hall at the opening time(10 o’clock) you cannot enter the hall immediately. From about 12 o’clock the long lines to enter the hall dissoloves. If you don’t want to wait to enter the hall for hours you are better to come after 12 o’clock. Though Otakus of Japanese Otakus come 5 a.m…. Besides, they stand in long lines of popular doujin circles to buy their favorite doujinshi also in the hall. At the closing time you can see many Otakus who have bags on which Moe characters are drawn at the station near the Tokyo Big Sight. You may have already watched the sight in Anime “Oreimo”, “Lucky Star”, “Genshiken” and so on. They draw this festival very well. One of the features characteristic of Comiket is the season. August is the hottest season in Japanese Summer(over 35℃). So every year some Otakus are took to the hospital in an ambulance because of affected by the heat. December is the clodest season in Japanese Winter(under 0℃). It is almost an asceticism to stand in long lines to enter the hall from 5 o’clock to 10 o’clock for 5 hours in the open air. It isn’t rare to go to Akiba to sell Dojinshi that they bought too much or to buy Doujinshi that they couldn’t buy in the hall directly after Comicket because Akiba is not so far from the Tokyo Big Sight. This is Comiket. Please try to take part in it once. I promise you to be able to enjoy this festival if you are a fan of anime, manga or Moe culture!
How to take part in: Anyone

Sumber: Mangajet

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