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Appearance of “K-on!!’s live concert -Come with Me!!-”! And the set list!!

K-on!!’s live concert -Come with Me!!-” has been held on 20th Feb.! In this live concert new information about the movie “K-on!” has been announced from the director. Today I introduce the set list of the live concert and the appearance.

The live concert was held on 20th Feb. at Saitama Super Arena.
The songs that are played are 26 songs in all.
As the voice actresses played actually the instruments of each “K-on!”’s member last year, also this year they(Aki Toyosaki-Yui, Yoko Hikasa-Mio, Ayana Taketatsu-Azusa, Satomi Sato-Ritsu, Minako Kotobuki-Mugi) played “Pure Pure Heart“, “U&I” and “Fuwa Fuwa Time” on the real instruments!

Set List

1. GO!GO!MANIAC / Houkago Tea Time
2. Listen!! / Houkago Tea Time
Greeting by the members
-Part of character image songs-
3. Oh My Guitar! / Yui (Aki Toyosaki)
4. Seishun Bivration / Mio (Yoko Hikasa)
5. Drumming Shining My Life / Ritsu (Satomi Sato)
6. Diary wa Fortissimo / Mugi (Minako Kotobuki)
7. Over the Starligh / Azusa (Ayana Taketatsu)

Special guest the movie “K-on!”’s director Naoko Yamada came on the stage. And she disclosed that the movie will start from 2011 Dec. 3rd and the story of the movie will draw the high school life in which Yui, Mio, Ritsu Mugi are still in the high school.
 8. Uki Uki New! My Way / Ui (Madoka Yonezawa)
9. Junjou Bomber!! / Jun (Yoriko Nagata)
10. Jump / Nodoka (Chika Fujito)

Short Drama
-Part of Houkago Tea Time 1-
11. Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai / Houkago Tea Time
12. Tokimeki Sugar / Houkago Tea Time
13. Honey sweet tea time / Houkago Tea Time
14. Gohan wa Okazu / Houkago Tea Time

15. Maddy Candy / DEATH DEVIL

Short Drama
17. Pure Pure Heart / Houkago Tea Time (the voice actresses played the instruments)
18. U&I / Houkago Tea Time (the voice actresses played the instruments)

Looking back on memories by the short movie from the 1st and 2nd seasons
19. Tenshi ni Furetayo! / Houkago Tea Time (Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Mugi)
20. Fuwa Fuwa Time / Houkago Tea Time (the voice actresses played the instruments)

-Encore 1-
21. NO,Thank You! / Houkago Tea Time
22. Utauyo!!MIRACLE / Houkago Tea Time

-Encore 2-
23. Cagayake!GIRLS / Houkago Tea Time
24. Don’t say “lazy” / Houkago Tea Time

-Encore 3-
25. School song of Sakuragaoka High School / all members (Sawako played a piano)

Yoko Hikasa(Mio) broke down crying at seeing chorus by the whole of the audience .
Greeting by each member and to the final song
26. Come with Me!! / all members
Greeting and exit.

The appearance

(“Newsoku VIP Blog” arranges comments of 2ch thread to summery. I pick up interesting comments of them and translate them, arranging them to understandable to foreigner. But it may be not correct translation.)

◆21:30 on 19th

People who made lines from the day before the live concert all night
21:30 now
around the front lines

around the end of the lines

There are over 150people at least.
Some people are practicing Wotagei near hear…

◆1:00 on 20th



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