Selasa, 08 Maret 2011

Eroge “School Days HQ”’s English ver. will be released!!

School Days” is well-known as an Eroge that has terrible bad end. This time JAST USA has announced that the eroge will be released as English ver. from JAST Densetsu in 2011!
Though “School Days” is well-known because of the anime its original is the Eroge that was made by Overflow.  This “School Days HQ” to which some new episodes and routes are added from “School Days” has been released in Japan in August 2010.
The official website for the English ver. has already been opened.
The trailer of “School Days HQ”

A team that is in charge of the translation in this work seems Sekai Project. They are a fansub team that translates “My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT.” that will be released from JAST USA in 2011.
The trailer of “My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT”


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