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K-on! Yui’s voice actress Aki Toyosaki tells her message through her voice for people fighting against the earthquake!

Reacting to this disaster, Aki Toyosaki who is very popular as “K-on!” Yui’s voice actress and many other voice actresses start to take action. They start to tell their message through their own voices. I’m sure there are many people whose mainstay the gentle and warm voice of Aki would become.

Aki Toyosaki wrote “I’ve found what I can do right now. Please wait a moment” on March 13th. As she had announced she start to send her voice directly through her blog. And also other SPHERE’s members(Minako Kotobuki, Ayahi Takagaki and Haruka Tomatsu, SPHERE is a singer group that consists from voice actresses, started to send their voice at the same time as Aki.
Aki says that work of voice actress is to tell through the voice.
Aki’s voice message can be listened to from here.

The following is what Aki says in her message. Because my English isn’t good, though I can’t translate her sincere and heart-warmed message very correct they are like this.
“Good afternoon. I’m Aki Toyosaki.
Today it is 14th March 2011. I’m home in Tokyo now. I’m recording this in my room.
Since we had the earthquake, I watched TV, listened to the radio, read comments that was written by people who gave me trackbacks and touched voices of everybody directly. And I care about everybody from the bottom of my heart. Are you all right? I talk in this way and am fine.
Though I think every of you are in difficult situation, please cheer up. Please don’t give up and cheer up. You and I, and you and your dearest people are surely certainly tied with each other. I think it is the most certain evidence that my voice reaches you in this way.
Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Because we are tied surely, please believe it.
I pray really really that you can get back smile and energetic heart and we can see each other again. I pray only only it and am waiting in expectation for you.
And first of all, you who are listening to this, please live through today with all your might. I ask you to live.
And people who take part in resucue work or work to help the disaster area, thank you really very much.
Let’s keep on doing our best also after this. Also I will continue to consider what I can do to ease your heart and make your feeling warm even if my ability is limited and can’t save a little.
Everybody, please cheer up. Well, see you again. “
Aki Toyosaki (“K-on!”’s Yui, “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun”’s Uiharu and so on)
Minako Kotobuki(“K-on!”’s Mugi, “Hyakka Ryouran”’s Sen Tokugawa)
Ayahi Takagaki(“The Legend of the Legendary Heroes”’s Ferris Eris, “Durarara!”’s Erika Karisawa)
Haruka Tomatsu(“Asura Cryin’”’s Misao Minakami, “Shiki”’s Megumi Shimizu)


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