Senin, 14 Maret 2011

UVERworld : Ao no Exorcist Theme song

On April 10th, the new anime "Ao no Exorcist" will be starting to air and no other than UVERworld will be contributing their new single as the opening theme song for the program. For the band it will be the 6th time to provide a theme song for an anime altogether. However, the details such as the title have yet to be announced.
Vocalist TAKUYA said: "It has become a song, in which we have confidence concerning the lyrics, which we have been particular about. Also, the perspective of the anime is coming across very well, too."

Moreover, on March 23rd, UVERworld will be releasing their new song "MONDO PIECE", which had been the final song of their first TOKYO DOME performance in November 2010.
The songs included on the record will be "MONDO PIECE", "Panic world" and "Chimi mouryou march" and the first press limited edition will also contain a digest of the live performance at Shibuya eggman from November 1st 2011.

From April 15th, 2011 the band will then be going on their "UVERworld 47/47 TOUR 2011".


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