Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Watch Piko, Luna Sea’s Shinya, and more in Live Broadcast from Vocaloid Cafe


Tomorrow the week long events of Vocaloid Cafe in Tokyo will be coming to an end, but there’s still one more show to go. On March 9 Vocaloid Cafe will be hosting “Net Duet Night”. During the event Piko, Luna Sea’s Shinya, Minoru Mukaiya (Casiopea), KOJI (ALvino), and junko will make appearances.

The opening session of "Net Duet Night" will show event sponsors, Yamaha’s Y2 Project, introducing the latest in advanced technology. Then, a music and talk session will be held.
Video sites Nico Nico Douga and Ustream will broadcast the event in real time.

Ustream Feed Click Here

Nico Nico Douga Feed Click Here 
Approximate Times:

19:30 JST

10:30 GMT (A.M)
5:30 EST (A.M.)


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