Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

Anime “Fate/Zero” will start from October 2011!! Urobuchi!!

It has been announced that anime “Fate/Zero” will be broadcast on TV from October 2011! And the animation cuts of the trailer have been put on view! How cool is this!

Anime “Fate/Zero” whose original novel is written by “Madoka Magica“’s author Gen Urobuchi is made by animation studio ufotable.
The original novel of “Fate/Zero” by Gen Urobuchi
Fate/Zero(5)闇の胎動 (星海社文庫)
And “Fate/Zero”’s director is “Wandering Son“’s Ei Aoki. The music is produced by Yuki Kajiura.
The information that “Fate/Zero” will start from October has been announced in the festival Machi Asobi. In the festival animation cuts of TYPE-MOON’s one more work OVA “Carnival Fantasm” that is an anthology work of TYPE-MOON have been put on view.
Fate/Zero’s animation cuts
Carnival Fantasm’s animation cuts

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