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Volume 8 of Saki Manga Solicited, Band to Include Two Huge Announcements

After a wait of a year and two months, volume 8 of the "girls mahjong story" Saki manga is solicited for release on June 25th, 2011. Volume 7 had previously been released in April of 2010.

Now, as mentioned on Crunchyroll's twitter, an image was posted from a bbs to various blogs, presumably from Young Gangan 12 which comes out this Friday, stating that there will be two huge announcements on the band of volume 8. What are they? OVA? TV Season 2? Movie? Drama? Game? BD Box? Here are some things to think about.

It's obviously season 2! Not so fast. While possible, season 2 would be starved of material, especially for anything more than 12 episodes. The first series covered approximately 6.5 volumes in approximately 22 episodes. Including volume 8, there are approximately 3 additional volumes worth of material published since. The math is not too favorable. However, a movie or OVA might be possible.

A live action drama? A basically typical, or in other words lacking any source, 2ch rumor states that 3 Young Gangan properties are being turned into dramas. The first and already announced one is Arakawa Under the Bridge. The second is "A work with a lot of girls." That would describe Saki... and many other things. Though, with a live action Saki, how would they handle things like Nodoka and the super short skirts with an apparent lack of clothing under it. (Oh, and for those who want to know, the third is listed as "Unknown.")

Maybe a game? Another PSP game? An adult mahjong game?

Speculate amongst yourselves in the comment below. 

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