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“HUNTER×HUNTER” gets anime again!! The chapter of “Chimera Ants”

HUNTER×HUNTER 28 (ジャンプコミックス)
According to a thread on 2ch, it has been fixed that “HUNTER×HUNTER” gets anime again! The detailed information seems be going to be announced on 4th August.

The photo of the source
The information about the new anime will be told at the same time as the release of the manga “HUNTER×HUNTER” vol.29 on 4th August.
“HUNTER×HUNTER” was made into the anime in the past. The TV anime series consists of 62 episodes. The OVA the 1st season consists of 8 episodes. The OVA the 2nd season has 8 episodes. And the OVA the 3rd season has 14 episodes.
Considering that the new anime will start from the sequel of the story by now, the story of the new anime will be the chapter of “Chimera Ants”
However, a rumor that the new anime will be made by the anime production MAD HOUSE and be remade from the beginning of the whole story spreads on a thread on 2ch. The source seems a leak from insider. This information is still a rumor.

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