Senin, 25 Juli 2011

New product VOCALOID3’s new character is inviting her name in public on twitter now!

The newest VOCALOID software VOCALOID3 that YAMAHA announced in June is inviting her name in public on twitter now!
VOCALOID3 is a software in the next generation of VOCALOID2(Hatsune Miku, Lin&Ren Kagamine, Luka Megurine and so on).
Eri Kitamura and CUL who is made from Eri Kitamura’s voice

It has already been decided that the voice of voice actress Eri Kitamura and Lia who is well-known as a singer who sang “Tori no Uta” of “Air”, “My Soul,Your Beats!” of “Angel Beats!” will be adopted in VOCALOID’s new software.
And the project “i-style project” of VOCALOID3 by Surfers Paradise and Studio DEEN made a character for VOCALOID3’s new software and are now conducting a campaign that they are inviting her name publicly on twitter. The campaign is conducted up to 25th July. The result will be announced in August.

How to propose her name that you designed

1. You need to follow “i-style project”’s official account i_style_vc3 on twitter
i-style project”’s official account i_style_vc3
2. Please tweet this following sentence “i-styleのキャラクター名は「※※※(名称)」! VOCALOID3 i-style のキャラクター名を応募中!採用者には商品券3万円プレゼント! #i_style_name @i_style_vc3“, changing ※※※(名称) into her name that you designed. 

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