Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

“Rurouni Kenshin” – New 2-part OVA Series

京都大火」 by (BCCP)
According to Comic Natalie, the new 「Rurouni Kenshin」 anime project announced in April is a two-part OVA series. The first episode, entitled, “Shin Kyoto Hen” (New Kyoto Arc), will premiere in Japanese theaters in December — a home video release will follow after. It is reported to be an ample remake of the battle against Makoto Shishio from Misao’s point of view. Most of the former voice cast will reprise their respective roles.

*Staff Credits
  • Director: Furuhashi Kazuhiro (*original Kenshin TV & OVA director)
  • Scenario: Okada Mari
  • Character Design: Hagiwara Hiromitsu
  • Music: Asakura Noriyuki
  • Animation Production: Studio Deen
*New Cast Member:
  • Sato Hajime: Narita Ken


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