Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Saint Seiya 2 - The unofficial online game

Perfect World recently revealed Saint Seiya Online being in development and claimed that a beta phase will begin before the end of the year. However, another fellow China developer has claimed the rights to release the first Saint Seiya MMO. In fact, the sequel was playable since June.Yes, this is the unofficial bootleg version of what Perfect World is going to offer, with no apparent contract signed with SEGA.

How does the game work? Well, players will have to choose a side first, be it the Golden Saints or the Specters. Then, choose a "Guardian" to follow, which will give characters a special skill. The funny thing is, both Saints and Specters share the same skills and Guardians...

Upon entering the game, there will be different tutorials for either side. There are 4 classes to choose from as you can see from the videos, each with different skills. I only tried the skills of each classes and did not actually play the game, since the 2.5D graphic was really hurting my eyes...

The game has many features related to horoscopes, including bonuses and skills etc. So how is the Golden Cloths activated? Well, you got to hit a certain level before right-clicking the container box in the inventory.

At lower levels, you can only access the Bronze Cloths, followed by Silver and Gold. This transformation is only temporary as it consumes mana until it is fully depleted. Yeap, no Golden Cloths in the cash shop! The game will be awesome with better graphics and design since the content is very much "completed" in a sense. And there is PvP as well!


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