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Fate/Zero: Memoria

Here's the ending song for Fate/Zero. Don't forget to turn captions ON so you could read the english translations while playing. Also, did you know that this video was based on famous artworks of the heroic spirits? Amazing, isn't it? ­

Memoria (TV version)
Performed by: Eir Aoi
Shizuka ni utsuriyuku
Tooi kioku no naka
Omoide ni yorisoinagara
Kimi wo omoeru nara

Itsumo minareteru madobe ni utsutta
Sono hitomi wa ashita wo muite ita
Ah sakaraenu sadame to shitte mo
Kowakunai kokoro kara shinjite iru

Shizuka ni utsuriyuku
Tooi kioku no naka
Kimi to sugoshita akashi wa
Tashika ni koko ni aru

Afuredasu kimochi wo
Oshiete kureta kara
Kono sekai ga nakunatte mo
Watashi wa soko ni iru
Memoria (TV version)
Translated by: Unlimited Translation Works (UTW)

Amidst the quietly shifting
Distant memories
If I can find peace in my recollections
While reminiscing about you

I am all too familiar with the window reflection
Of your eyes that were gazing into the future
Ah, even though I know there's no escaping this fate
I'm not afraid. I have faith from the bottom of my heart

Amidst the quietly shifting
Distant memories
Proof of the time I spent with you
Is right here with me

You've shown me what it means
To have overflowing feelings
Even if this world were to end
I'll be right by your side


Did you notice anything familiar while watching the slideshow of the characters? Well, let me inform you then. Those still images shown while the ending song plays are based on real life artworks inspired by their myth. Here's a list of them:

● Rider

This painting is called "Alexander in Babylon" by Charles Le Brun. It is a painting of Alexander the Great as he triumphantly enters the ancient city of Babylon. As you can see, the painting is perfectly replicated into anime that even the structures are identical. You can even see the smoke at the far back.

● Archer

This is the Statue of Gilgamesh located on the school grounds of the University of Sydney, Australia. Gilgamesh holding a lion, enough said.

● Lancer

This sculpture is known as "The Tree of Love" located at Kilbaha, Clare, Ireland. It is sculpted by Jim Connolly and is inspired by the legendary love story of Diarmuid and Grainne. Unlike Gilgamesh who is a bit farfetched, this is actually quite accurate, it even has that brick wall in the background.

● Caster

This piece is titled "The Execution of Gilles de Rais" and is found inside the National Library of France. This picture depicts the last few moments of Gilles before he was executed by hanging and burning. At first glance it looks different, but if you look to the left, you can see the same tree in there. You can also see the gallows to the right, used for hanging convicts and the same buildings in the background.

● Assassin

This is the only artistic rendition of Hasan Sabbah that I can find online. An exact replica, don't you think? The only difference is the point of view. He have the same sword, same clothes, same horse and he's even facing the same direction.

● Berserker

This work is taken from Alfred Tennyson's poetic cycle, Idylls of the King. It illustrates the Lady of the Lake as she takes an infant with her. As you can see, both images are similar. The lake, the grass and even the moon is there, the only difference would be that he's all grown up in the 1st picture and he's still a baby in the 2nd.

● Saber

This piece is titled "Battle of Camlann" and is illustrated by Arthur Rackham. It depicts the final battle of King Arthur and his son Mordred. Arthur impaled Mordred with his lance, killing him. Mordred swings his sword just before dying, inflicting a mortal wound that would soon cause the fall of the King. I must say that this is pretty accurate since both poses are similar and the lance pierced through the exact same spot.


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