Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Good Smile to Run Fate/Type-Moon Café Until December

Shop to serve Emiya Plate, Excalibur drink, Command Seal dessert, more on limited coasters

The Good Smile Café, the restaurant run by the figure maker Good Smile Company east of Tokyo, confirmed on Tuesday that it will revamp itself into a "Fate/Type-Moon Café" from October 12 to December 25. The café will feature an original special menu of dishes, drinks, and desserts inspired by Fate/Zero and other stories from the studio Type-Moon, as well as an exclusive mini-sticker and a coaster for each patron:

Emiya Plate (comes with rice and miso soup)
"You Can Live on Just This ~Be Calm and Graceful~" meat sauce pasta (with flag illustrated by Kinoko Nasu)

Sword of Promised Victory (Excalibur)
Magus of Five Elements (Average One)
Makiri's Glass
Command Seal
Carnival Phantasm Pudding (condensed milk pudding) in Kaleido-Ruby (strawberry), Phantasmoon (mango), and Magical Amber (chocolate) flavors
Randomly distributed coasters (front)
Randomly distributed coasters (back)

Luncheon mat (front and back)
Good Smile Café had revamped itself into a Puella Magi Madoka Magica Café from May 3 to August 14, and then into a "Type-Moon Café for Carnival Phantasm" from August 23 to September 25.
In a related development, Type-Moon began streaming a half-minute television commercial for the Carnival Phantasm anime on Tuesday:


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