Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

“Kokoro Connect” – LN to Anime Adaptation

According to AniBro Gamers, an anime adaptation of Sadanatsu Anda’s (author) and Horiguchi Yukiko (illustrator) slice-of-life comedy light novel series, 「Kokoro Connect」, has been green-lit for production.

The novel’s illustrator, Horiguchi Yukiko, also happens to be the anime character designer for Lucky☆Star and K-ON.
5 boys and girls full-shuffled! 5-way love pentagon comedy! At clubhouse room 401, there gathers “anything goes” members of the culture study society. Pro-wrestling otaku Taichi Yaegashi, mysterious beauty Iori Nagase, cool Himeko Inaba, the clown Yoshifumi Aoki and fancy-loving Yui Kiriyama found the noisy but calm days suddenly come to a halt. The personality switched among the members–. The unnatural days of changinging into “someone” by getting back to “themselves” by becoming “someone else” has started!

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